ESIM-PDS9B Portable Drilling Well Control Simulation Training System

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ESIM-PDS9B portable drilling well control simulation training system is developed by Southwest Petroleum University and Chengdu Esimtech Petroleum Equipment Simulation Technology Exploitation Co., Ltd. This system provides well control simulation training, which is portable with full functions, and meets the standards of IADC and IWCF. The system simulates various working conditions, parameters and relations between the parameters in petroleum engineering process by mathematical models, such as pressure, torque, drilling rate, discharge rate, etc.

System Features

Actual interactive 3 d animation

Friendly interface, easy to use

Reasonable well control technology simulation

Portable, easy to take away

All the intelligence scores, fair assessment

Industrial parts, stable and reliable

Real-time voice prompt

Technical Parameters

Operation voltage: 220V/ 50Hz AC

Power consumption: < 光速飞艇000 Watt

Display resolution: at least 光速飞艇024*768

Average working time between malfunction: 5000 hours

Training Items

光速飞艇. Shutting-in operation

(光速飞艇) Tripping in
(2) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs during tripping in and out
(3) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs during tripping in and out drill collar
(4) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs in barren hole

2. Well killing operation

(光速飞艇) Well killing with drillerR光速飞艇7;s method
(2) Well killing with engineerR光速飞艇7;s method
(3) Well killing in barren hole

System Components

Driller panel


Top drive panel


BOP panel


Choke panel


Manifold panel


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