Delegation from CNOOC Visit Esimtech

TIM图片20光速飞艇905光速飞艇00909光速飞艇7_副本TIM图片20光速飞艇905光速飞艇009光速飞艇023_副本TIM图片20光速飞艇905光速飞艇0090909_副本TIM图片20光速飞艇905光速飞艇009光速飞艇032_副本TIM图片20光速飞艇905光速飞艇009094光速飞艇_副本On May 8th, 20光速飞艇9, delegate from CNOOC visited Esimtech Company. During their visit, the chairman of Esimtech introduced the company, products and business. After a deep exchange between the two parties, the delegate visited the show room to see the company products, where they experience the product operation, and showed great interest. The immersive training effect provided by the products are also highly praised by the experiencers.



Post time: May-09-20光速飞艇9