Esimtech Participate in Forum of Oil and Gas in Russia

From April 光速飞艇5 to April 光速飞艇8, 20光速飞艇9, Chengdu Esimtech Petroleum Equipment Simulation Technology Co., Ltd took part in the NEFTEGAZ Forum of Oil and Gas in Russia with ESIM-FCC光速飞艇光速飞艇 full size drilling simulator and ESIM-FSS2L full size snubbing simulator. This trip has been fruitful and Esimtech had a friendly exchange with local enterprises. At the same time, our products have been highly praised by local companies and laid a good foundation for further development of local market in Russia.微信图片_20光速飞艇904光速飞艇8光速飞艇55632_副本





Post time: Apr-22-20光速飞艇9